Anti Bullying Video (with Ian McKellen)

To coincide with Anti-Bullying Week 2012 (19-23 November) our co-founder Sir Ian McKellen very kindly gave his time to narrate a video about homophobic bullying. In this video Ian outlines some of the distressing statistics from our research.


Anti Bullying week 2012


Ian McKellen said: 'Nothing in life is more important to me than helping gay young people realise that there are better days ahead of them. I'm proud that Stonewall - which I helped create to tackle legalised homophobia - is now leading the fight in those British schools where homophobic bullying ruins far too many young people's lives. It's a privilege to play a small part in bringing it to an end.'

Many thanks to Ian, the young people who took part in interviews, and Lillian Baylis Technology School for kindly allowing us to film in their classrooms. Please do share this video - we hope it helps make a big difference.

Find out more about our work to tackle homophobic bullying – and how you can help – at

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