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Primary School Resource Packs

We have developed fantastic resources to help primary schools celebrate different families and  tackle homophobic bullying. Fill in the form below to be sent a free pack for your school or your child's school.

Resource packs are free to order. However as a small charity, Stonewall does rely on individual donations to carry out its work. We would therefore suggest the following donations to cover the cost of production and postage for one pack:

Primary School Pack: £6

Primary school resource packs include:

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  • School Champions - Information leaflet on all the benefits of this new programme provides
  • The Teachers' Report - Primary and secondary school staff's perspective on homophobic bullying
  • Different Families report - Research into the experiences of children with different families 
  • Including different families guide – Practical guidance on how to include children from different families and their parents in the curriculum and school life
  • 10 ‘Different Families – Same Love’ posters
  • 10 ‘Different Families – Same Love’ postcards
  • 10 ‘Different Families – Same Love’ sticker sheets


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