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Children's Different Families pictures

Primary school children have created their own versions of Stonewall's Different Families - Same Love posters. 

Broadgreen Primary SchoolDFSL 1

As part of Broadgreen Primary School’s work to tackle homophobia and celebrate difference, children in Years 5 and 6 created posters showing different families. Broadgreen is a School Champion, and used Stonewall’s teaching resources to help children learn about stereotypes. Teachers used discussion and reading groups with children to explore homophobia and gender stereotypes, using books recommended by Stonewall such as The Family Book and Dad David, Baba Chris and Me. They decided on three questions they wanted to discuss: What does it mean to be normal? How does gender define us? Should we judge a book by its cover?

The children agreed that normal is whatever it is to you - whether that means you use a wheelchair, or whatever your skin colour, family background or gender. They found it difficult to understand why prejudice exists, and wanted to do something to challenge it. So they created colourful posters based on Stonewall’s ‘Different Families. Same Love.’ campaign. Every child took part, and all of them enjoyed discussing their families and ways in which they are all special and different – but also normal.

You can see some of the posters here – or visit Stonewall’s Facebook gallery to see all of them. We’d love to hear if your school has done anything similar - please e-mail





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