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'...a girl in Year 5 said 'you've got no dad and you've got two mums and I think you're really weird'. And I think I didn't even tell the teacher this time, I didn't even cry, I just walked away.' Alisha, 7  

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Stonewall’s Primary School Champions programme provides you with the support to create a safe learning environment, tackling homophobic bullying. It includes benchmarking, extensive resources and training material; reduced rate teacher training and a designated member of Stonewall's expert team to give you tailored and responsive assistance. Find out more here

Homophobic language and bullying 


Homophobic bullying happens in primary school, and can be very damaging for all children. But preventing and challenging bullying is straightforward, and can have wider benefits for schools too. 

Stonewall's 2009 research, The Teachers' Report, revealed that three in five primary school teachers who are aware of homophobic bullying in their schools say boys who ‘behave or act like girls’ are bullied. Two in five say boys who are not into sports are bullied. One in six say girls who ‘behave or act like boys’ experience homophobic bullying and one in ten say girls who are into sports are bullied.

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Three quarters of primary school teachers hear children say phrases like ‘that’s so gay’ or ‘you’re so gay’ in school. Two in five primary school teachers hear children making homophobic remarks like ‘poof’, ‘dyke’, ‘queer’ and ‘faggot’.

This leads to children feeling they can't be themselves and may lead to lower aspirations and attainment out of fear of being bullied, with young people with gay family and friends being severely affected. If bullying isn't challenged, children will grow up thinking that this poor behaviour is tolerated and they won't be prepared for life in our diverse society.

'When people say gay, I feel worse than other people...' Mark, eight


Read more about homophobic bullying among pupils in The Teachers' Report and in our Different Families report.

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Responding to and challenging language and bullying


Stonewall's Primary School Champions programme provides tailored support and guidance to primary schools in challenging homophobic bullying and language and celebrating difference. 

Tackling homophobic language and bullying doesn't have to be more difficult and the Primary Best Practice Guide offers good practice examples of primary schools effectively tackling homophobic bullying. Many teachers are also even more proactive and prevent it by talking about different families in class using our resources and Different Families Guide.

Stonewall is also producing an exciting new feature film for primary school children called FREE. It will build on the success of our secondary feature film FIT, and will engage young people, helping teachers tackle homophobic bullying and celebrate difference. It promotes respect and being yourself to young people. See the trailers:



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For information about training and resources to help deal with homophobic bullying please see the resources section of our website.

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