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All children need to be prepared for life in 21st century Britain and all primary schools want children to learn and play in an environment where they can be themselves and can talk openly about their families.

But YouGov polling for Stonewall shows that more than two in five primary school teachers say they witness homophobic bullying in their schools, and three quarters say they hear children using the phrases ‘you’re so gay’ or ‘that’s so gay’. Nine in ten have had no specific training on how to prevent and respond to homophobic bullying

It’s easy…

Only got 30 minutes? Introduce trainees to the issue of homophobic bullying and make sure they know where to find further resources. Click here to find out how.

An hour to cover homophobia? In addition to the above, introduce trainees to the resources available to help them confidently challenge homophobic behaviour in an age-appropriate manner. Click here to find out how.

If you’ve got half a day to cover homophobic bullying, encourage trainees to develop strategies to tackle homophobia as part of their wider anti-bullying and safeguarding work.  Click here to find out how.

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