Initial teacher training

Good initial teacher training (ITT) equips teachers with the information, resources and tools they need to help children and young people enjoy learning and fulfil their potential. But finding the time to teach trainees about the range of issues they might experience during their teaching career can be difficult.

Stonewall works with many ITT providers to train their trainee teachers to tackle homophobic bullying and homophobic language. If you are interested in Stonewall delivering training to your trainee teachers, please email

Schools have a legal duty to prevent and tackle all forms of bullying, including homophobic bullying. All teachers should therefore be aware of their responsibilities under the law to address the problem and to support children and young people who sometimes feel excluded and isolated, for example lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) students and those with lesbian and gay parents and families.

Newly qualified teachers should begin their teaching careers with the confidence to challenge homophobic bullying and support all young people in their care, including LGB young people, from day one – wherever they teach.

Primary ITT

Nine in ten primary school staff have had no specific training to tackle homophobic bullying, but more than two in five say children in their school experience homophobia. Find out how you can develop a programme of study for primary school trainee teachers which includes information on how to talk positively about different families and tackle homophobic bullying.

Secondary ITT

Ninety five per cent of secondary school teachers report hearing ‘you’re so gay’ or ‘that’s so gay’ in their schools. But nine in ten have had no anti-homophobia training. Find out how you can ensure that all secondary school trainee trainees know how to prevent and tackle homophobic bullying and support lesbian, gay and bisexual young people.

How Stonewall can help

We’ve published a guide to help ITT providers develop inclusive programmes of study so that all trainee teachers can access information on how to prevent and tackle homophobic bullying. Download a copy of the guide here or to order your copy email

If you are interested in Stonewall delivering training to your trainee teachers please email


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