Further education resources

Stonewall has developed a range of resources and a College Champions programme to help colleges challenge homophobic bullying and talk about lesbian, gay and bisexual issues. 

Download our resources below or order hard copies of our materials here.

Stonewall programmes

  • College Champions

Stonewall's College Champions programme provides tailored support and guidance to further education institutions to help them challenge homophobic bullying and celebrate difference amongst their staff and student community. The programme is an enhanced package of support for colleges that are members of Stonewall’s Diversity Champions programme, and helps colleges to build on the good work they are doing with Britain’s leading employers’ forum on sexual orientation.

Teacher training

  • Education guides

Practical guides for school and college staff and individuals who work with young people on challenging language, supporting LGB young people, working with faith communities and more.

Education and awareness raising resources


An exciting film and a fantastic resource for colleges, secondary schools and youth groups which covers issues like homophobic bullying, coming out and fitting in. Read more and access lesson plans.

  • Role Models guide

Our new guide features a range of interviews with successful lesbian, gay and bisexual people from a range of professional backgrounds which will help inspire gay students not to curb their ambitions because of their sexual orientation. Download here.

  • You're welcome!

Some ESOL learners come from countries that don't offer the same sort of legal protections that gay people enjoy in Britain. Some may even have experienced prosecution and persecution by state authorities in their home country simply for being gay.

You're welcome! provides clear, concise information about their rights in Britain, and provides reassurance that it's safe to approach the police and other authorities for help in case of any problems. Order copies in English, French and Spanish. You can also download copies in English, French, Spanish German, Italian and Polish.

  • 'Some People Are Gay. Get Over It!' posters, postcards and stickers

This bold slogan sends a clear message that homophobic bullying is unacceptable in colleges, schools, youth groups and other youth settings.  Read more and order.

Order 'Some People Are Gay! Get Over It!' t-shirts.

  • Multi-language 'Some People Are Gay. Get Over It!' posters

Our iconic 'Some People Are Gay. Get Over It!' posters are now available to download in a range of langauges including Chinese, French, Portuguese Russian, Spanish, Swahili and Welsh. Read more and download.  
  • Books

A selection of books for college students on lesbian, gay and bisexual issues. Read more.

  • Films 

A list of films suitable for college students who want to know more about lesbian, gay and bisexual issues or who think they might be gay. Read more

  • Anti-homophobic bullying film clip  

Featuring Sir Ian McKellen, this short three-minute clip is based on Stonewall's research into the experiences of lesbian, gay and bisexual young people. Read more and watch it.

Information and advice

  • Gay By Degree - The Stonewall University Guide

Wondering where to study? Stonewall's University Guide helps lesbian, gay and bisexual students choose a university where they will feel welcome and supported.

  • Education for All Campaign Guide 

Starting a campaign? Stonewall's guide for young people wanting to start their own campaign in their school or college.

  • Starting Out - Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Recruitment Guide

Applying for jobs? Stonewall's Recruitment Guide is the definitive guide to Britain's best places to work for lesbian, gay and bisexual job-seekers.

  • Info Service Flyer

Stonewall's Information Service provides answers to questions students and staff might have on a range of issues and signposts to further support. Order flyers here.

  • Stonewall's information bank

Read up on questions you might have on a variety of aspects of life, including coming out, housing and health. Read more.

  • What's in my area?

Find more Information on local lesbian, gay and bisexual youth groups and other generic services. 

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