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 "Tackling homophobic language and staying safe online"

Stonewall held its bi-annual seminar in December exclusively for members of our Education Champions programme.

Our free seminar provided an opportunity to:

  • Be inspired by our new campaign to tackle homophobic language. In Anti Bullying Week 2013, Stonewall will be launching ground-breaking a new campaign to help teachers and young people tackle homophobic language.  We know from the School Report that 99 per cent of gay young people hear homophobic language in their school and that the use of this language has an impact on their achievement and enjoyment at school as well as their health and wellbeing. The campaign will feature a new series of posters as well as guides for teachers and young people. This session will look at how to make the best use of our new resources with your schools as well as giving you the opportunity to shape and develop the next steps of the campaign.

  • Learn strategies to encourage young people to stay safe online. There has been a welcome focus in recent months on the importance of protecting young people online; however the debate has largely ignored lesbian, gay and bisexual young people. We know gay young people are more likely to physically meet people they meet on the internet, putting them at risk of exploitation,  they are also more likely to face cyberbullying and more at risk of accessing inappropriate content as they search for information about gay issues that isn’t provided in school. This session will look at how schools and parents can keep young people safe online, whilst at the same time ensuring that they have access to the information they need to stay safe. It will also be your first opportunity to get a copy of Stonewall’s best practice guide on internet safety.
  • Be amongst the first to experience ‘FREE’, our new DVD for use with primary pupils
  • Be the first to hear about the Educational Equality Index 2014. We will be launching the Index 2014, our unique benchmarking tool for local authorities. This session will provide you with an opportunity to hear how to do well in the Index and learn from the experiences of some of the local authorities that finished this year's top ten.

  • Network with, and learn from, others facing similar challenges to you.

The details of this seminar are as follows:

Date: Thursday 12th December

Time: 10.30am – 3.30pm

Location: DWF, One Snowhill, Snow Hill Queensway, Birmingham B4 6GA

Cost: This seminar is free to all members of Stonewall’s Education Champions programme, and lunch will be provided.

Please note this seminar is only open to members of the Education Champions programme.

If you have any questions, please contact us by phone on 020 7593 1871, or by email at

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