Calling all gay friendly law firms . . . 

Stonewall’s Information Service does not offer legal advice. Instead we signpost the thousands of legal enquiries we receive annually to legal advisors and solicitors listed on Stonewall’s ‘What’s in my Area’ database. This was accessed over 30,000 times last year.

Whilst we cannot endorse individual legal firms we want to make sure that the firms on our database have taken a number of simple steps to make their service gay-friendly. For any law firm to be included on this database we will expect them to confirm they:

  • have an equality and diversity statement that explicitly covers sexual orientation

  • deliver relevant training to staff

  • undertake at least one other initiative to promote gay equality and support lesbian, gay and bisexual people

  • have had no sexual orientation discrimination complaints upheld against them by the SRA or Legal Ombudsman

For details on how your law firm can appear on this list please email 

You can find Stonewall's list of gay friendly law firms through our What's In My Area database.

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