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How many lesbian, gay and bisexual people are there?


The Government is using the figure of 5-7% of the population which Stonewall feels is a reasonable estimate. However, there is no hard data on the number of lesbians, gay men and bisexuals in the UK as no national census has ever asked people to define their sexuality.

Various sociological/commercial surveys have produced a wide range of estimates, but there is no definitive figure available.

% of population who are gay, lesbian or bisexual

It is incredibly important that this question be added to the census. Since the beginning of the gay rights movement, one of the most effective ways for gay and lesbian people to become accepted to become less invisible. Definitive proof that a resonable perecentage of the population is gay or lesbian can only aid in making people from all backgrounds and beliefs realise that they perhaps, know a gay or lesbian individual.

Pete, 27 December 2009

% of population gay, lesbian or bisexual?

Until the sexuality question is added to the census, we can't even begin to guess what the % of the population is LGB. Even when it is added, it will depend on who fills in the census form, whether family members are out to each other, and whether they are even out to themselves. Some might be scared of what the information will be used for too. It is still very important that it is added, so that we are made more visible.

Ric, 20 October 2009

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