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A Guide for Gay Dads

At Stonewall we have worked hard to ensure that gay people can have and raise children like everyone else.  While our lobbying has helped changed the law – allowing gay couples to adopt, removing barriers to fertility treatment for lesbians and outlawing discrimination in goods and services, including organisations offering social and family services – there is still lots to do.

That is why Stonewall has published A Guide for Gay Dads, a new guide for gay men taking them through the choices available to them to starting a family. Not only does the guide give vitally useful legal advice on what parenting rights you may have in different situations but it gives you an overview of what you can expect from each route to becoming a dad. Given the recent changes to the law it is a must-read for any gay men considering starting a family.

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It’s the latest in a programme of recent work to ensure lesbian and gay people can start families and bring up children free from homophobia. Earlier this year we published our groundbreaking (Different Families) research which for the first time allowed the overwhelmingly illuminating voices of children with gay parents to be heard and last year we published (Pregnant Pause), a guide for lesbians on how to get pregnant.

Good reads for children from former relationships

Can I suggest a very good read for any one with children from a former heterosexual relationship is "Families Like Mine: Children of Gay Parents Tell It Like It Is" by Abigail Garner as I feel this document hardly touches on the subject of what parenting is about. Its more of a guide to becoming a parent, resources once you achieve this are still shockingly sparse

Steve Macey, 18 November 2010

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A Guide for Gay Dads