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You've probably heard a lot of talk recently about how people can and should get more involved in their local communities. Getting involved is nothing new. At Stonewall we know that thousands of lesbian, gay and bisexual people help out in their local communities in many different ways and have been doing so for a long time.

If you aren' involved somehow in your local community you may be thinking 'why should I?' or 'I don't have the time'. The answer is simple - your contribution however small can make a real difference to the local services in your area and to local people's lives. It can also be very personally rewarding.

As a lesbian, gay or bisexual person, getting involved can have added impact. By being open about your sexual orientation as a school governor for example you can challenge people's perceptions about gay people. More importantly, by talking about your experiences as a gay person and that of other gay people you can help organisations understand and deliver services that really meet the needs of local people.

There are many opportunities for you to contribute, some take next to no time at all while others take more.  You're probably aware of some - being a magistrate for example - but there are plenty of other roles you may not be aware of.

These pages are here to provide you with an introduction to how you can get involved. Take a look. For more information, or to tell us about your experiences of helping out in your local community, contact us on 08000 50 20 20 or at

And if that's not inspiration enough, watch our short film about the fantastic contributions of lesbian, gay and bisexual politicians to the equal marriage debates which took place throughout 2013. Their example shows that if you get involved you really can make a difference.


If you're a public service looking to get gay people more involved in your work - we've produced a handy guide to help you engage local lesbian, gay and bisexual people. Visit to download a free copy.

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