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Civil Partnership

Marriage and Civil Partnerships

Find out the implications, how to register and what areas of life and law they affect.

Coming out

What is coming out and where can you get more information?

Discrimination in goods and services 

You are now protected from discrimination when accessing goods and services. Find out more about these protections here.

Hate crime, domestic violence and criminal law 

Find out about hate crimes, how to complain about the police, domestic violence, and relevant criminal law issues.


Click here for information about your health and legal protections. This link will take you to Stonewall's Healthy Lives microsite.

History of lesbian gay and bisexual equality

Housing and homelessness

Housing and homelessness 

Information about housing issues facing lesbian, gay and bisexual people, and how housing provision is covered by the Equality Act 2007.

Immigration, asylum, and international

Immigration, asylum, and international 

Immigration rules for same-sex partners, asylum on the grounds of sexual orientation, and international issues.


Information about parental responsibility, adoption, parental rights at work, step-parenting, and more...

Sexual orientation- FAQs 

Find out more about sexual orientation, bisexuality, homophobia, biphobia and multiple discrimination.

What’s it got to do with me?

10 reasons why you need to keep your local services on their toes


What's it got to do with you? 

10 reasons why you should fill in those funny box things at the end of forms

  Gay guide for visitors 

A Guide for Gay Visitors to Britain

Explains the legal protections enjoyed by gay people in Britain, and where they can go in case of any problems.

Engagement Guide thumbnail

How to engage gay people in your work

Stonewall's comprehensive guide for public bodies on how to involve gay people in decisions about local services. 


 What's in my area

Search for your local lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender groups, gay-friendly solicitors, and other relevant services.


Get involved 

Everything lesbian, gay and bisexual people need to know about getting involved in the local community.