What's it got to do with you?

Stonewall's plain- English guide on why you should fill in those boxes at the end of forms.




What's it got to do with you? explains why a range of data – such as age, gender, sexual orientation and belief – may now be requested by employers and service providers, and what the benefit is. With many organisations responding to new measures in the Equality Act, ‘What’s it got to do with you?’ makes the case for monitoring across all equality strands.

No other guide exists that explains the rationale for monitoring in a clear and straightforward way. 'What’s it got to do with you?’ will help people understand why they should complete monitoring forms. Organisations will benefit by receiving accurate and complete information as a result.

Specially printed hard copies of the guide with your organisation's logo on the back cover can be also be printed.

Following the success of this publication Stonewall has produced ‘What’s it got to do with me?’ a short, plain-English guide on why people should keep their local services on their toes
For more information on ordering hard copies of either guide or specially printed copies, please email amy.wills@stonewall.org.uk

Click here to download an Easy Read version of 'What's it got to do with you?'. Easy Read is a format developed especially for people who have difficulty reading and writing.

What's it got to do with you?

Brilliant - just what we've been looking for.

Andrew Green, 05 August 2009

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