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“Stonewall is a unique place to work. It’s a charity, but it’s also a highly political organisation with a big public presence – both of which make it an exciting environment in which to be an intern. During my internship I helped to run the ‘It Gets Better Today’ campaign, filming Theresa May at the Home Office and a huge range of other politicians, actors, and public figures... Most importantly, I had the opportunity to take on some major projects, including drafting Stonewall’s Education Guide on sexual orientation and faith, and writing a paper about bisexuality which was published in an academic journal under my own name.” – Helena, Education and Public Affairs Intern

“My internship at Stonewall made me start to think about the type of work environment I hope to work in some day. I never thought I could have a “desk job,” but my “desk job” at Stonewall was nothing like I imagined. I was surrounded by energetic, passionate, motivated, and fun people; it was invigorating. I could see myself showing up to work every day at Stonewall with a smile on my face, ready to help Stonewall continue their mission of ensuring equality for all!” Luke, Information Service Intern

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“I interned with Stonewall for two months, working on various projects in the Fundraising and Communications department. Not only did I have a really great time, but I gained genuine experience and skills that I can take on to other workplaces. Interning at Stonewall gave me a real understanding of how a charity can make effective change. The team I worked with were really great – they gave me interesting projects and I never felt unsupported... I’d definitely recommend it to anyone with a passion and enthusiasm for what Stonewall does.” – Davina, Fundraising and Communications Intern

“I started off as a volunteer in the office at Stonewall, and from the first day everyone made me feel welcome and happy to be there.  Now I’m an intern for the Workplace team and it is a fantastic learning experience as they consistently go out of their way to include, support and encourage me. I’ve been able to learn a lot about the work they do on a day-to-day basis, as well as what goes into major projects like the Workplace Conference and the Starting Out guide. Seeing first-hand the real changes Stonewall are able to make as a result of the passion they bring to their work inspires me to pursue a career in equality rights when my internship is completed.” – Reiko, Workplace Programmes Intern

“I just wanted to send a quick note to thank everyone at Stonewall for having me last summer. This weekend, I decided that I will be going to Yale University next year, and this would never have been possible without all of you. I was asked about my time at Stonewall at every one of my university interviews, and was able to very honestly say that it was one of the most exciting, challenging, and rewarding experiences I’ve ever been lucky enough to have. Everyone’s… encouragement and support has been such a help to me, and I’m so grateful!”Chamonix, Public Affairs Intern

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