Stonewall's key priorities 2014/2015

Our communities: We are a nation where some lesbian, gay and bisexual people are free to be themselves but others are not. We will challenge homophobia and biphobia in all communities and we will empower gay people of all ages and backgrounds to be role models and allies wherever they live, work, shop, socialise (online or offline) or pray. We will use our connections and influence to make significant and sustainable change in all our communities and encourage individuals to not be bystanders to prejudice. We will work with our trans peers to challenge discrimination wherever it occurs.

Our schools: Nine in ten secondary and two in five primary school teachers say young people, regardless of their sexual orientation, experience homophobic bullying, name calling or harassment. We will work with all schools, and other anti-bullying groups, to help them take lasting steps to ensure that every child can live, learn, and play without fear of bullying and ensure that everybody understands that what we learn at school lasts a lifetime. We will give pre-schools, primary and secondary schools, further education colleges, sixth forms and universities the tools they need so every child and young person, and anybody else who wants to learn, is able to reach their potential by eradicating homophobia and biphobia and challenging stereotypes.

Our workplaces: Six million people in the UK work for a Stonewall Diversity Champion. We will continue to support employers to create inclusive workplaces in Great Britain and worldwide where all lesbian, gay and bisexual employees can achieve their full potential and are empowered to become leaders.  Senior leaders, allies at all levels and individual lesbian, gay and bisexual role models are central to our work in transforming cultures for all staff.  We will raise the bar of what best practice looks like, capitalising on organisations’ influence with their service users, customers, clients and suppliers.  We will support small businesses to ensure they treat all staff equally.

Our public services: We all rely on our public services, but some do a better job than others at understanding the needs of lesbian, gay and bisexual people. We will continue to work with health, social care, criminal justice, housing and transport providers to ensure that we receive the very best service possible. We will help them plan activities, train staff and talk to their communities in a way that allows lesbian, gay and bisexual people of all ages and backgrounds to receive the service they need, deserve and pay for.

Our sports fields: Sport is a vital part of Great Britain but not all lesbian, gay and bisexual people feel able to be open about their sexuality. We will continue to persuade sports people that being open about sexual orientation makes a crucial difference to performance. We will work with and challenge agencies and governing bodies to take homophobia and biphobia seriously and provide the tools for grass root sports to encourage everyone, including lesbian, gay and bisexual people, to get involved.

Our friends abroad: In 78 countries being gay is illegal and in 5 it carries the death penalty. In many more gay people have no legal protections from discrimination and violence.  We have a responsibility to share our learning from the last 25 years with our friends in other countries so that they too can eventually achieve equality. We will draw on our wide experiences of running domestic campaigns to help partners in other countries, in a way that works for them, so they can advance equality and prevent further attacks on their rights.

These 2014/15 priorities were written before Stonewall became a trans-inclusive organisation, after its six month consultation with over 700 trans people.

Stonewall is committed to improving the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people. All of the above areas of our work will be fully trans-inclusive by the end of our trans integration process.

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