Stonewall's key priorities 2013/2014


Challenging homophobia and celebrating different families and role models in secondary schools, primary schools, colleges and universities through our Education for All programme. Working with schools, national and local government, teachers, parents, carers and young people themselves to raise standards.


Promoting fair treatment across the GB and global workplace. Further growing our Diversity Champions programme to reach the employers of six million people. Promoting the business case for diversity. Helping lesbian, gay and bisexual people choose good employers, develop at work and become next generation leaders and role models.

Equality at home

Promoting fair treatment of LGB people across the public domain such as the NHS, the policing and justice system, blood donation, asylum, sport, housing, adoption and fostering, care, children’s and older people’s services. Challenging faith-sanctioned discrimination. Dealing effectively with 8,000 enquiries to our Info Service.

Equal legal treatment

Securing equal legal treatment in Britain where it doesn’t already exist such as extending the legal form of marriage to same-sex couples. Improving political representation. Influencing international institutions and other governments to extend legal equality to LGB people.


Promoting fair and representative coverage in print, broadcast and digital media. Pro-actively engaging broadcasters and advertisers to promote realistic representation of LGB people. Developing more ‘non-crisis’ intervention by Stonewall in the media, including to mark our 25th anniversary. Encourage LGB people to engage with the media.

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